Day 13 and potentially an unlucky day as I was heading through Drake Passage, one of the most inhospitable places in the world. But so far, so good.
We were already in Drake Passage by the time I went to bed and although not rough it was certainly different to when we were near the Antarctic Peninsula. In open seas and in this ship with a round bottomed hull, with no keel and of course no stabilisers, there is a constant rolling. I actually found it very difficult to sleep, as did most people. I woke this morning to 30 knot winds, slightly against us, but certainly not fully head on, and so less of the pitching that I found more of a problem on the way out.
It is surprising how quickly it is possible to forget how much more difficult it is to do anything when in these open waters, but the memory soon came back. Everything becomes more difficult - washing, dressing and of course I made no attempt to put my contact lenses in as if I did I might have literally being looking down my nose at fellow passengers.
Have spent the day sorting photos, reading, listening to music, attending a lecture on Ice in Antarctica, and eating. We have now been on the way for about 20 hours and at this rate in another 20 hours we should be in the shelter of the Beagle Channel and almost back to Ushuaia.