Antarctica Part 2 Day 6

Didn’t manage to post on FB yesterday as we were going through a very stormy Drakes Passage, and there was no way I could spend time at a computer screen. We were heading directly into a 40 knot (approximately 45mph) wind, and although the swell was not too bad the waters were very, very choppy so as well as the normal rocking and rolling, we were also pitching backwards and forwards. The effect when I was lying on my bed, which I did for most of the day, was like rolling around in an erratic and irregular figure of eight in harmony with the ship. Unfortunately there was no harmony between my ears, my eyes, my brain and the neural pathway to my stomach. Fortunately I only vomited once. although felt queasy and lethargic all day. It is much better this morning and I feel great.
The vomit bags hanging from the grab wells every few feet soon disappeared!!
I think the conditions yesterday were worse than on the last trip. The lounge was almost empty most of the day and most people were in their rooms, the dining room was, so I am told, almost empty at lunchtime, no water jugs were on the tables, and the coffee tables in the lounge have been moved!
So much for the bad news. The good news is that I am on M/V Ushuaia and I am going to Antarctica, and by midnight tonight we will have reached the South Shetland islands, and my dreams will become reality.
It was great to get back on board M/V Ushuaia. As I waited to board the ship and then as I boarded it was lovely to be greeted like a long lost friend with handshakes, hugs and kisses. I guess we went through a lot together. I briefly caught up with Lynne, the ship’s doctor last time, and Monica, who was the Trip Leader, although sadly neither of them are on this trip. I think the other passengers were bemused by the way I and David were greeted, and then Agustin, the Trip Leader this time, mentioned in his Introductory Briefing Meeting that we had been on the ship before. We have had to field a lot of questions from other passengers, but obviously don’t want to go into details of what tragically happened on our last attempt.
My cabin is a great improvement on last time, although still not luxurious, but certainly more than adequate. Until just before we left Ushuaia I thought I had landed lucky and was going to have a cabin to myself, and then the last passenger got onboard and headed to my cabin. He had only booked at 2pm, having had a previous cruise arrangement cancelled. An Australian guy, who seems OK, but no replacement for Tom!!
So I had a “cabin boy” but no luggage! I knew my luggage had to be on the ship somewhere, but it certainly hand’t found my cabin at the time the announcement was made that all luggage had been delivered. So a further tannoy announcement was made to try to find my luggage. It had been delivered to the wrong cabin, and the occupants had shoved it into the corridor without bothering to tell anybody! Bright!!?
So having survived yesterday it’s now a day to prepare myself and hopefully by this time tomorrow I will have seen icebergs and will be ready for the first Zodiac trip to actually land in the South Shetland Islands.