Final day with the grizzlies

Another good day although less productive. Despite our early start there was not a lot of activity so just a male shot. Frustratingly after breakfast instead of going out and making the most of the final day, the Group Leader decided we should have a photo critique session. Very poorly run and a waste of time.
When we set off, at my suggestion, we decided we would not just stop at any bear we saw and get more shots which were just copies of what we already have. Instead we went out looking for anything potentially different and in particular spring cubs. Despite that we stopped at one stage to photograph lupins!!
No joy this morning but set off straight after lunch and saw a male and a female close to each other. On the way back past the area where they were we noticed another female had turned up. We quickly moved into position, although unfortunately some distance away. At last we witnessed mating. In fact it was virtually ménage a trois as the females briefly scrapped, before the male moved in and mated. We tried to reposition ourselves to get closer as they can often remain coupled for 45 minutes but perhaps because of the presence of the other female it was all over in a few minutes. We carried on looking around and got some great shots of the female on the beach lying in the water to cool off. We also needed to cool off and so headed back via the lodge to take over some layers. Again to my frustration the group leader decided we would stop for 1 hour instead of continuing searching. That left us with a further hour before dinner but despite searching we didn't see anything else. Hopefully we will be out after dinner.
Back to Anchorage for me tomorrow and off to do some landscape photography while Cherith has one more day fishing.