Bears clamming on the beach

Another great day, although probably didn't hit the heights of yesterday.
Yesterday evening was pretty special. After dinner we set off and very quickly were photographing the mother and two cubs. However, there were 2 males around and the mother was apprehensive. The boars will kill and eat Cubs, as all they want to do is mate with any female that is around. In this situation the mother stands upright to look around and the Cubs imitated her behaviour. They eventually moved off and we set off in the opposite direction where we could see one of the males. Despite my previous comments this one was quite relaxed and we were able to spend some time with it in lovely evening light as it fed and then moved down the bank, across a small stream and clambered up the other side, before disappearing into the trees.
As we were wandering back to the lodge the mother bear came flying out of the trees chasing off the male that had obviously come too close. Meanwhile the two cubs clung to the branches at the top of a spruce tree, about 60 feet in the air. Not a bad way for us to finish the day.
We set off out at 7am today, and saw 6 bears but they were all roaming around and quite active so no real photo opportunities. After breakfast at 8 am we left again at 9.30 and were out all morning until lunch at just before 1pm. We initially observed and photographed another mother and two cubs and that was fun. We then headed towards the beach as the bears head there at low tides to feed on clams. Just before the beach we came across a male and a female, lying about 40 meters apart. They were obviously a potential mating pair so we stayed around for quite a while. I'm not sure if it was a very subtle form of foreplay or post coital relaxation but I have seen more activity with a sleeping lion in the bush. The male occasionally lifted his head or rolled on his back, and the female lay inactive! We eventually gave up and continued to the beach and after walking 20 yards the male got up and started to walk towards the female. Typical. So we headed back and as we got into place, it was almost as if the movements were synchronized, because as I put my tripod legs to the ground, the bear lay down once again.
Before and after lunch we spent time on the beach with 2 different females, and the male and female that we had observed earlier. It was good to see them picking out clams and again provided some good photo opportunities, with nice reflection shots and spray as they walked and ran in the beach. A second afternoon session just before dinner was spent with the mother and cubs.
Have just finished dinner and as the light is flat and the viewing is likely to be more of the same from late this afternoon we are not going out again today but are setting off again at 7am.
Have just had an email from Cherith and she has had a great day with a few catches, but nothing she has been able to keep so far.
Sorry but no photos yet as they have very little Internet capacity and are limited to emails and simple internet access.