Iced lunar landscape on the beach

We also had snow last night - probably 3 or 4 inches. We set off for our last day at about 9.30 and found a spot to take some photos. It felt bitterly cold and we all mentioned how cold our hands were. Perhaps not surprising because when we got back in the car it was minus 13C. You know it's cold when the car heater is on full blast but ice is still forming on the inside of the windows! I had got to my last pair of hand warmers which initially went inside my gloves but then rotated into my Wellies to try to warm my feet up.
As we continued on our way we found a car which had come off the road and was firmly stuck in a snow drift. It was driven by a young guy from New Zealand who was taking photos and had obviously been too busy looking around and his tyres had come off the road and onto an ice slick. We were unable to get him out so he had to wait for official help - and no doubt a big bill.
We headed to Uttakleiv but it was obviously going to be difficult to get onto the beach with the weather conditions. I personally had an end of term feeling. I guess I am tired, having not slept well, and although we have only been out for 4 hours or so each day, it has still been quite tiring in the cold and my creative ideas were drying up.
We headed to another beach for our last photo session- it was like stepping onto a mini iced lunar landscape. The rocks and mounds of seaweed were all frozen over with sheets of ice, forming little mounds and hillocks. It was difficult to make a lot of sense photographically and it took a while to compose anything to do it justice.
We then headed back to Leknes and as we rounded a bend the town was sitting below us in a bowl of snow capped mountain peaks and trees - it was truly spectacular. I will certainly miss this beautiful place - but not the need to pile on layers of clothes every morning or returning every afternoon at about 4pm when it is already very dark.
Our usual processing session and some food, and now it is time to finalise packing and head to bed as we need to leave here just before 5am (4am in UK) before our three flights back, eventually arriving in Manchester at 12 midday.