4 seasons in one day

We have had 4 seasons in one day today.
We set off shortly after 9, and fortunately my Wellies were dry after yesterday. By 9.30 we were photographing lovely low lying mist over the water. As we headed towards Flaksted it was obvious that there was snow around, but we were also excited by some lovely colours appearing in the sky as sunrise approached. Sunrise today was at 10.38 and sunset at 13.54; so after no sunrise or sunset less than 2 weeks ago there is now 3 hours and 16 minutes of daylight.
The colours in the sky and reflected in the water at Flaksted were amazing - I have no doubt that a lot of people will think that my images have been altered in Photoshop to enhance the colours - but this has not been done and I have not wanted or needed to touch the saturation slider.
It wasn't long before storm clouds were brewing and there was the odd snow flurry. We stopped at another site with again spectacular views across the water to a mountain range lit by the slowly sinking sun. We hoped for one more site for some photos and headed to Myrland Beach again. As we were getting closer there was an almost complete white out in front of us, but at the same time the most incredible colour in the sky as the blizzard developed. We jumped out of the car for the final photos of the day. We had to work incredibly quickly to get anything as the storm was hitting us from behind. There was no time to put on down jacket and gloves and so by the time we got back into the car we were frozen.
We had lunch in Leknes with the plan to eat in the apartment tonight. We were going to get a bottle of wine, but were thwarted. It is possible to buy beer in the supermarket but not wines or spirits. This is only for sale in the one "off license" which is only open for very limited hours. Sadly that means from 10 - 3 on a Saturday, and it is not open at all on Sunday. In fact as we were heading back to our apartment it looked very much as if Leknes was closing down for the weekend. I can only assume they have either excellent TV programmes or a very high birth rate in Leknes.
A couple of hours to download photos, potter around and check football scores and then we have spent from 6pm until now (11pm in Norway) processing photos with a short break for food. I have learned so much.
Last day tomorrow for the last few photos, so fingers crossed that the weather is photographically kind.