A sky to end all skies

Another difficult day in our outdoor office here in Lofoten. Another beautiful day but photographically very difficult - but for the opposite reason to yesterday. After some clouds at the early part of the day before the sun had risen (at about 10.50) the sky turned cloudless, which is fine if you want to take photos for picture postcards or tourist board brochures, but useless if you want a photo with a sky which complements the stunning mountains.
We had headed back to Reine, and on the way took some photos which I have posted on FB. But by the time we reached Reine the sun had risen and the clouds had vanished. We headed back towards Leknes and stopped on a beach. Again large vista shots were not going to yield anything much, but I did like the patterns and variation in colours in the sand, water and sky so experimented with some very different shots for me.
We called it a day at a slightly earlier time than yesterday and headed for lunch. As we were traveling back we noticed the most amazing colours in the sky, which we had never seen before. The sky was a consistent lilac / mauve colour. It is in part due to the fact that the sun does not rise more than a couple of degrees above the horizon at this time of year here. The sun rays have to pass through more of the atmosphere differentialy affecting rays of varying lengths.
We found a spot where we could take a photo of sorts, but mainly as a way of recording the colour of the sky. As we got out of the car it was absolutely freezing and as we were in a rush to get our photos I didn't have time to put gloves on. As I headed back to the car, I felt I had left fingers and toes, and potentially other extremities behind. Paul had noticed that the temperature as recorded by the car as we had left the beach was -5C, and as we got out of the car 30 minutes later to take a photo it was -13C and by the time we got back in about 5 minutes later it was -17C. Incredible to think that the temperature could drop 12 degrees in about 30 minutes.
Ate in again tonight finishing of the vegetables which I did as Mediterranean veg again and a salmon steak. Spent about 3 hours processing photos - a very steep learning curve but incredibly useful.
So am now and pretty tired and ready for some sleep to make sure I am ready to make the most of the my last few days. Who knows we may get some photos in and around Reine yet!!