Skagsanden Beach

A quiet day in Lofoten today, due to the weather. The forecast had initially suggested a fair bit of sunshine, but by this morning this had been downgraded to cloudy this am getting brighter as the day went on. In reality it was fairly grey all day.
Because of the predicted weather we had set off at 8.40 - over 2 hours before sunrise!- to head towards Reine (about an hour away), which is said to be very photogenic. Hopefully we will be able to confirm that when we return later in the week. Just on the edge of Reine was a potential spot for some good photography and we set up with a suggestion of some imminent good light. After an hour of standing and waiting patiently as the sky got greyer and the mountains started to disappear in a snow flurry we decided to head into Reine to a great little coffee shop for a drink and a piece of apple cake.
As the light was not improving we started heading back in the direction of Leknes and stopped at Skagsanden beach for an hour or so and hopefully have got one or two reasonable photos, although haven't looked at them as camera still in bag adjusting to the change in temperature before I take it out, in order to avoid any condensation causing potential damage.
Eventually got back to Leknes for lunch at about 3pm and back to our apartment in the dark at about 4pm. A further processing session at 6pm and then after last night's meal I am going to cook - Mediterranean vegetables, chicken in tomato with garlic and sweet potato mash . Despite the limited utensils etc it has got to be better than last night's warmed up nosh.
And after dinner - well who knows. The aurora forecast is quite good but if it is still cloudy then the Northern Lights will not be visible. We shall see!