2 shades of grey

Another good day in the Lofoten islands. When we woke up we realised that it had been snowing overnight - I should have realised because I had been woken at about 6am by the snow ploughs. The roads are reasonably well cleared but everyone drives with studded winter tyres - not like at home where everything grinds to a halt and everyone moans, although do nothing to help themselves.
Although Lofoten is beautiful I wouldn't want to live here in the winter, particularly on a day like today. The sun should have been out for 2 hours and 35 minutes, but instead it was grey, grey, grey. Not 50 shades - just two - dark grey and darker grey. If the sun did show I blinked at the wrong time! It was pitch black by the time we finished lunch at 3pm!
Not a day for grand vista landscapes of mountains, seas, lakes and rivers. So instead we took advantage of the snow and took some more minimal, abstract photos. Totally different for me, but really enjoyed it and have one particular photo that I am very happy with. Spent quite a lot of time processing photos tonight with massive help from Paul. I have learned so much. Have only just stopped at 10pm.
Dinner tonight was "interesting ". David decided he just wanted a sandwich. I couldn't have eaten another sandwich under any circumstances but didn't want to cook, so Paul and I had a ready made meal to be microwaved. Mine was fish, potatoes and carrots. When I opened the packet the meal was contained in three plastic bags. The fish bag looked as if it was polyfilla! Despite appearances it actually wasn't too bad, although the carrots and potatoes could have been made of plastic! Don't think I'll repeat that option.
Tomorrow and Thursday look as if the weather will be a lot clearer and particularly hopeful for tomorrow night if it is clear as there is a good aurora forecast so may get to see and photograph the Northern Lights again.