Haukland and Uttakleiv

Another good day in the beautiful Lofoten Islands. We headed to two beaches today - Haukland and Uttakleiv. It was very unusual to walk onto a beach and start slipping on the patches of ice on the first beach, and on the second one we most definitely needed ice grippers on our boots or we would have spent all the time on our backsides on treacherous, slippy,icy rocks.
I tried to make my photos as simple as possible which is perhaps a lot harder than it sounds.
The main problem was coping with the wind - staying upright ourselves, never mind making sure our tripods stayed upright and steady - and the cold weather. OK, it is actually warmer at about minus 6C, but with a strong wind it felt extremely cold. I had 5 layers on my top and 3 layers on my legs, as well as a balaclava, woolie hat and 2 hoods from jackets, as well as gloves with hand warmers and double layered mittens. Despite all of those as I left the beach at Uttakleiv I was convinced that I had left my toes behind on the beach as I couldn't feel them through my insulated wellies. In fact they eventually returned and all that I left on the beach was a pair of specs - fortunately I always have 2 pairs with me.
As we left the beach at 2pm it was already going dark and by the time we had eaten lunch and were heading back to our apartment it was almost black - the result of having had a rather cloudy day. A couple of hours to recover, clean up cameras, download photos etc and then time for a session processing photos before we had an evening meal made by David, in the apartment.
Time for kip now ready for another good day tomorrow.