Only minus 9C today

Another great day here in the beautiful Lofoten Islands, probably best summarised by reference to the two photos I posted earlier. One from each of the two sites we visited and worked today. The light at times is stunning, and although short lived (sunrise to sunset was 2 hours and 9 minutes today), makes for some great photographic opportunities. It is likely that we will have a similar day tomorrow and then some more cloudy weather, which will provide the opportunity for something completely different but hopefully equally worthwhile.
It has been almost tropical today at only minus 4C while we were out with the cameras, but dropping to minus 9C as we headed for some lunch, just after 2pm, after the sun had set!! By 3pm it was quite dark.
Another very helpful session with Paul looking at processing photos - learning a lot, but a long way to go.
Hopefully another successful day awaits tomorrow.