Dark by 2.30

Perhaps not surprisingly after a day of traveling and then a couple of hours photographing the Northern Lights it took quite a while before I got to sleep last night. I then managed to wake at about 6am and read for a while before trying to dose before the alarm, which was set for 7.30. I next woke at 8.15 and dived out of bed as we had planned to set off at 8.30 - made it.
We drove into Leknes during Saturday morning rush hour - passing one other car on the journey. The temperature was minus 11C and it appeared that everyone else felt a lie in was more appropriate. Leknes was dead, although we did manage to find a cafe open for breakfast. We tried the pancake with brown cheese initially but both David and I felt it tasted like eating soap and so had to have an open sandwich with salmon to get rid of the taste.
We popped into the supermarket to get a few simple supplies - eggs, bread, milk, butter, fruit, water, kitchen roll, a few chocolate bars and a few cans of beer. We left £70 lighter - ouch; wouldn't like to be here for too long.
We then set off for the business of the day and settled on two sites for our photography during the two hours between sunrise and sunset (11.15 and 13.12 today). Not sure I have got anything special but good to get going and also had some time to try out a new lens (24mm tilt / shift). It was very icy and slippy (only ended up on my arse once - and most importantly no damage to my camera) and eerie to hear the ice cracking as the temperature rouse very slightly.
Headed back into Leknes at about 2.30, as darkness was descending, for yet another sandwich for lunch. Although very beautiful I don't think I would like to live here. I really don't know what they do most of the time and as I wandered around the village for a walk after we got back to our apartment I noticed that the houses were extremely large with equally massive TVs - I guess in the winter a lot of time is spent indoors and TV viewing.
After a futile attempt for an hour to catch up on some sleep we met up with Paul at 6pm to start looking at some of our photos and go through some processing. Spent two hours on this and by then my head was spinning. Headed back into Leknes for some food. Not a lot of options but found an Italian and had steak and chips, only to find that none of our cards would work when it came to paying. Had to resort to cash ??Also sat in the restaurant wearing my down jacket which I bought for Alaska and which I have been wearing outdoors all day as it was so cold.
No chance of Northern Lights tonight as low level of activity and some cloud cover so time for bed and hopefully some sleep tonight.
For my photography friends, a request. I have both an electronic remote release and a cable. Both are communicating with my camera - lights flash on remote and camera window with settings illuminates but will not trigger shutter. Work on my other camera. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.