Off to Lofoten, Norway

I think tomorrow may be a long day as I set off again on my travels, this time to Lofoten Islands, Norway, in the Arctic Circle. The alarm is set for 5am and I am on the train from Poulton at 5.45 to Manchester Airport. When I get there I will be meeting up with David Foster, who I travelled with on my two trips to Antarctica in 2014, and Paul Gallagher, an excellent professional landscape photographer and an Epson Print specialist and lecturer.
It will take three flights before we reach our final destination of Leknes with a stop over at Oslo for 2 hours and one at Bodoe for 4 hours. So it will be about 9.30 pm before we finally get to our rental car and look for our accommodation.
I am really looking forward to what is a beautiful place. Paul has been there about 8 times, so he will know all the best spots to go to and when to be there. I am looking forward to photos of the sea, lapping against ice and snow on the shore, with snow covered mountains rising directly from the beach.
It will be particularly good to be there just as Lofoten emerges from the Polar night. When checking sunrise and sunset on Sunday I was informed "Polar night - there is no sunrise". The sun was seen for the first time on Monday at about 11.45am and had set within 27 minutes. On Tuesday the interval between sunrise and sunset was 45 minutes, yesterday was 65 minutes and today was 90 minutes. By the time we get back in 10 days it will be about three hours. But that will be three hours with a low sun and potential for three solid hours of photography. But what I am looking forward to is the prolonged twilight either side of sunrise and sunset with the beautiful, subtle colours of pink, mauve and blue.
At nighttime if there are not too many clouds there will be the opportunity for similar photographs but with star studded skies and if the gods really smile maybe even the Northern Lights.
If it all works out then I don't think I will be complaining about tomorrow's journey!