Concentrating on local sites

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I have been concentrating over the last couple of weeks on local sites. I am particularly keen to get some photos of hares, ideally boxing, which of course occurs at this time of the year. Only a few distant hare shots, so not added any to website, but pleased to see my local Barn Owls. One has been coming out a little earlier recently and so have got some daytime shots, which along with a pheasant and moorhen, can be found in my "Recent Gallery" by clicking HERE
We have had to do some work at home due to storm damage and barns have had to be demolished and a new one built. Have been concerned if this may have disturbed the Barn Owls, as we have had a box, for many years, in the barn which was damaged the most, and hoped they hadn't moved to another site. We have realised that they have taken up residence in the roof space of a small barn, which is used for a tack room and tool room. Last night I sat in car to see if they were going to come out before it was too dark, and as I was waiting I became aware that something had landed on the gutter nearby on another barn. It was one of the Little Owls, which have also been around recently. It flew off after a few minutes, before quickly returning, and then was joined by its mate. The two Little Owls flew backwards and forwards between the barns, and then onto a tree by the gate. As I watched in very low light I was amazed to be able to observe them mating. I doubt if they would do this if they had not already established a nest, and it would appear that this is in one of our barns. So hopefully this year we are going to have nesting Barn Owls and Little Owls, and I will be kept very busy!!