Hungary - Day 4

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Today was a very different day, as we left the eagles and buzzards and had a day at the Passerine hide. This is basically a reflection pool - a tank filled with water, with bird seed to attract the birds in and a hide at one end of the tank from which to work to take photographs.

We set off in horrible rain (it has hardly rained all winter in Hungary) and when we reached the hide it was grey, grey, grey. How I wished my D4 camera was working, as for the first hour or so I really couldn't take any photos as it was too dark. It was, however, good to watch all the various birds and their behaviour, and we took the opportunity to reposition the perches, and bird seed to where we wanted them, as in all honesty they had not been set up very well for photography.

Eventually the light not only improved but became excellent, and we had about 90 minutes of all action photography. As the light was at its best the Great Spotted Woodpecker, along with Great, Blue and March Tits, a Nuthatch, and very briefly a Hawfinch all arrived at the end of the pool to provide not only reflection shots, but also photos of the birds bathing.

That time went all too quickly and then we were back to the gloomy light with no further photo opportunities. Back to the hotel, a meeting with Janos to organise arrangements for travel tomorrow, and then after dinner time to pack. A long day ahead tomorrow and not back home until midnight. But it has been worthwhile despite a few problems. At least I hope it has and I look forward to looking at my photos properly on my computer when I get back, and also of course look forward to getting my camera off to be repaired.