Hungary - Day 3

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As we left the hotel, the moon was very clear in the sky and stars were shining. It promised to be good, and when we arrived and settled into the hide at about 6.30am, it was still promising. Before 7am, a buzzard had already arrived, although it was still too dark for any photos. But as the sun rose, the light was fantastic for about 2 hours. Tom and I got some great shots of the buzzard, of Caspian gulls bathing and fighting, as well as crows and jackdaws. But no eagles - or at least not until about 9am when we saw some in the distance, and before the light deteriorated they flew in briefly and we managed to get some shots of them. We had had two hours of adrenaline rush. I hope they are good, but have not managed to look at them, as I write this (more later).

We continued to get some photos until about 12, when the light was very poor. Then at about 2pm, the eagle flew in again. As we were busy shooting away, for a totally unknown reason, my main camera (a Nikon D4) came to a grinding halt, and the viewfinder went black, and despite trying everything it has remained that way. I missed some great photo opportunities, while trying to resolve the problem, and then having to switch to a back up camera, which is not so good at coping with poor light. Disappointing, but at least it was working when the light was good, and hopefully I have some good shots.

As I mentioned, I don't know how good they are because, for another unknown reason, the memory card which I was using at the time is not being recognised by my card reader / computer and so I cannot download them. Don't think the two issues are related, because it is not the card that was in my camera when it stopped working. I am hopeful that the photos on the card can be retrieved with recovery software when i get back home.

Tomorrow going to the Passerine hide, which has a reflection pool, although the weather looks as if it will be the worst since we got here.

One of the photos taken when the light was poor, as a taster.