Hungary - Day 2

I guess like most towns, Friday night is intended for going out here in Balmazujvaros, and my hotel appears to be the largest in town. With a population of about 18,000, a hotel with a six lane ten pin bowling alley, squash courts, a gym, a sauna, solarium and swimming pool must be the largest. So it was a noisy night, and no sleep until about 1am, which is not good preparation for a 5am wake up.

We set off at 5.30, with little promise of a good day because the forecast was for a very cloudy day with rain, which is not good for wildlife photography. And so it proved. By 2pm, after 8 hours in the hide I had taken three photos - a hooded crow, a gull and a dog! yes, a dog, in the middle of nowhere, and it was trying to take the hare which had ben left out at the feeding station where we were taking photos. A quick call to Janos, our guide, who contacted the farmer, and the dogs were retrieved and the food repositioned.

We were concerned that the birds would have been frightened off by the movement and appearance of people, but thirty minutes later a buzzard turned up. I didn't actually take any photos because the light was so poor, and I couldn't have improved on ones I already have. I spent a lot of time helping Rino, who was struggling, to try to help him with his camera settings and share some ideas. This seemed to pay off and he was happy with some of the shots he got.

About 2pm an eagle turned up, flying in front of the hide and then perching on a dead tree, before eventually settling near the water hole for some fish to eat. Although I took some photos, I have not bothered to look at them tonight, and doubt if I will keep them. The light was diabolical, and ISOs of 8000 (that's three "0's" and not two!) were needed to get a shutter speed even vaguely fast enough for flight shots.

There's always tomorrow, but actually the weather forecast is not brilliant. There may be some better light in the morning, but unfortunately the eagle has been tending to come to the hide where we will be tomorrow in the afternoon.

Fingers crossed for a better day.