Kestrel Photos

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I spent a day photographing Kestrels earlier this week. I have been trying to get them to come to posts with food that I have set up at home, but currently they are only coming intermittently. I had also previously had a try at a set up in the Midlands, but unfortunately they failed to turn up on the day I was there. So I headed to Pool Bridge Farm in Yorkshire, with a very early start on a bitterly cold morning to have another go.
It was well worth it, because when I arrived the light was beautiful and there was still frost on the gate post where they tend to land. I had only been in the hide a few minutes when the kestrels came in. In fact I only know this because the food had disappeared and I saw one flying away! The male bird was in and out like a flash, and it was amazing to observe how it was able to pluck food so rapidly without pausing in flight. Fortunately the female would land for a second or two, and this allowed me to get the photos that I was after.
The best shots were first thing in the morning, mainly because the birds were more active then, although they did come intermittently throughout the day, but also because I was functioning better as I became extremely cold as the day progressed.
A successful day, and many thanks to Richard and David, and if my local kestrels don't start to show regularly one worth repeating.