Red Grouse - Part 2!

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Another attempt a few days ago to get some photos of Red Grouse in the heather on the Derbyshire moors. As I arrived the promised weather was not in evidence and it seemed a wasted trip was likely. As I reached Derwent Edge there was plenty of evidence of my target, with lots of calling and birds flying around. I spotted two on the trail in front of me, and despite the light did wonder about stopping in their vicinity. However, at that precise moment a mountain biker came along and the birds rapidly disappeared. This trend continued with bikers, runners, walkers and even a quad bike at one stage.
I could see that there was a potential for the sun to make a brief appearance from behind some fairly heavy clouds, and decided to get the camera set up on my tripod, and see what was around. To my surprise, and delight, I suddenly realised that there were two Red Grouse bunkered down in the heather just a few yards from where I had stopped. I had time to get my camera set up before they moved, and then the light also improved. Quite pleased with a couple of shots, but just wished the strands of grass were not obscuring the bird standing on the rock, as that is the sort of shot I have in mind.
Although there were some other reasonably close encounters, the light was only really any good for about 10 or 15 minutes. Still, not a totally wasted trip, and hopefully next time, or the time after I may get the shot I am after - and may even see and photograph a Derbyshire mountain hare!