Two trips to Scotland

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I have had two trips to Scotland in the last few weeks. The first one was because of an opportunity to photo a Golden eagle on its nest with a chick - a rare opportunity, as a license is needed for this. It was fantastic to see the bird and its chick, although the photo opportunities were limited - but that is wildlife photography.
I also went to the Isle of May to photo those comical birds, the puffin.
The final part of the first trip was to photo Ospreys fishing. Again, typical of wildlife photography, on the first day the weather was atrocious with absolutely no light, and on the second day there was great light but the wind direction meant that the birds took off and flew away with their backsides being presented.
I knew there was the potential for some great photos and so returned to Aviemore and thanks to Gordon Macleod and to some better weather I managed to get a whole load of better photos.

The photos are in the "Recent Work" Gallery